Sunday, 30 June 2013

I'm Back!

I'm Back! Wow, I know, I know I've been very poor in keeping you up to date with my cakey goings on but I have an excuse, which if I do say so myself is a pretty good one... since the start of May I haven't had a kitchen! When I bought my house last year it was what you might call a bit of a 'doer upper', thank the lord it is nearly finished and the second to last room to be completed was my dream kitchen. I'm not just talking plonking in a new set of units, oh no, we went the whole hog and had an extension, my baking heaven is now 7.5 metres long and houses a range cooker with four ovens. FOUR OVENS. So obviously the only thing to do was to celebrate with 33 heart shaped christening cakes and some raspberry and chocolate cupcakes. Once I had worked out how to drive the beast (who needs instruction manuals right?!) there was no stopping me. Luckily the oven and I are now friends and my cakes are coming out fluffy and light and totally yummy.

So really there is no stopping The Cakery now, I have no other excuses, I will be baking, I will be blogging and I will eventually work out what each of the twelves knobs on the cooker do... watch this space! 

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