Sunday, 19 May 2013

A very vintage affair

Today has been such a lovely and fun day down at the Bristol Harbourside Vintage Fair. The Cakery was there with a stall brimming with vintage inspired cakes including Lime Meringue Pie, Triple Chocolate, Apple Pie, Mocha, Lemonade, Vintage Victoria and French Toast cupcakes. Not to mention the most decadent quadruple chocolate gateaux (yes that's right I said quadruple!) and a rainbow triple layer vanilla cake surrounded by beautiful butter cream roses. I think my favourite part was talking to all the friendly customers and seeing their faces light up when they saw the array of cakes. Everyone was so complimentary and there is nothing more pleasing than people who think my cakes look and taste good. I have to say I always get the fear when someone takes their first bite, oh lordy what if they don't like it I think, but lucky for me (touch wood), this hasn't happened and I only get big smiles and lots of 'mmmmm' noises. Hurrah, everyone loves cake as much as me! So with weary feet and a face that hurts a little from all the smiling I will retire to the sofa and plan my next vintage fair menu. 

Oh and before signing off I would like to say a massive thank you to Mamma Lee for not only helping today but for also making these rather fetching Cakery aprons and matching bunting. Who matches there aprons to their bunting? The Cakery do that's who! 

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