Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mighty Mint

I have a confession, I am slightly addicted to mint choc chip. Give me an After Eight and I'm a happy girl, a mint Cornetto gets devoured within seconds and my home made frozen mint choc chip whoopie pies send me over the edge. I can't get enough! The strange thing is mint chocolate also make me sneeze, I thought I'd hidden my weird affliction until I was on a filming shoot years ago and the cameraman noticed that every time I ate an after dinner mint I sneezed. Cue 10 more mints, a lot of sneezes, a slight sicky feeling and some very amused colleagues. I don't care, I will continue to eat and sneeze and sneeze and eat. These mint choc chip cupcakes are no exception, the dark chocolate minted sponge, dark choc chips and mint buttercream are so moreish I can easily eat three in a row (in between sneezes of course). Bring the Kleenex, I'm going back for more...

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