Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Summers coming so it's time for a Mr Whippy!

Finally today it felt like summer might be winning and the nine month winter might, just might, be coming to an end. One hopeful Bristol resident even thought that the balmy 12 degrees and the two days of no rain warranted turning their sprinkler on and watering the garden. I think that may be taking it a little too far but the sunshine and the happy faces made me want to eat ice cream. Not just any ice cream but a Mr Whippy. Alas there wasn't a van in sight so instead I had to settle for one of these lime meringue cupcakes instead. Not a bad second choice at all even if I do say so myself!

The best part of these little gems is my take on the the gooey Italian meringue. Every time I bake these I like to watch people eat them, this may sound a bit odd but it's true, there is nothing more funny than someone trying to eat one without getting it all around their chops, over their hands and in their eyebrows (that actually happened, I kid you not) The best story was when my best friend Duncan was too embarrassed to eat one in public so went and sat in the work toilet. Unfortunately for him someone walked in just as he was stepping out of the cubicle, this would have been ok but the whippy meringue all over his face looked slightly suspect.

The secret ingredient in the meringue (which I won't reveal, you'll just have to order some!) compliments the tangy lime centre of the vanilla cupcake. It also provides another hurdle while trying to eat them delicately. I believe everyone should just take a leaf out of my book, embrace the goo and go for a second one while you're still a bit sticky.

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