Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Fancy Fondant...

So today was a good work day. I actually got paid to sit in the sunshine outside a swanky Clifton Cafe, eat cake and chat to my very lovely friend Sara. The only catch was that at the same time we were being filmed for a top secret project (which will be revealed soon but not quite yet) The cakes were amazing, tangy marmalade sponge, rose bud slice (a bit flowery tasting for my liking but looked so pretty) and a little pistachio number. Before we started filming we had lunch at the Primrose Cafe (love, love, LOVE) and then discovered a little boutique cake shop which I didn't even know existed. Oh the competition, they had to be checked out but in true Sara style it wasn't just walk in and have a look around it was walk in and pretend I'm getting married and get the DL on every cake in there. Obviously Sara with her beautiful Irish twang won the owner round and before long we were getting the whole story. Luckily for me her prices were the same as mine and our buttercream equally as whippy. Phew, I could breathe again. We had to walk out with at least one cup cake each which means in grand total I have eaten five cakes today. Oh dear, that seems so much worse when I write it down. It's all in the name of market research though right?

Ok so to distract from the shame of the amount of cake I have eaten I would like to introduce my latest wedding cupcake. This little fellow is vanilla with a buttercream middle and beautiful fondant icing. I love working with fondant because you can shape it into anything you like. I used a silicone mould for the rose and then cut around some mint leaves from my mint plant for the foliage. I pushed down on the icing to make sure all the pretty veins showed through to give the cake more detail. I used pearls on lace for the case decoration to give it a vintage style and Bobs your Uncle there you have a cake I would be proud to have at my wedding. 

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